School Abilities

There are 14 schools in “Craft of Gods”.

A player is free to choose skills from any school, but to get more powerful skills from a school, the player must first achieve the lower skill levels.

At each level a player gains some points to distribute over the schools, gaining new skills.

A 100 level player usually can learn all the skills from 2 schools and about ½ of the skills from a third one. But you can distribute the points however you wish.


he 14 schools are as follows:

  • Fire needed to control the power of fire, allows casting of destructing fire-based spells and power of fire-based defense
  • Earth you become part of the earth, and will be able to use it to damage your opponents, and to slow and block them in combat
  • Storm the power of the thunder will be at your disposal, and also the best power to paralyze your enemy
  • Air the breath of the nature is not only something that refreshes your body, but can also be a fierce, destructive power to block and overpower your enemies
  • Water this school combines powers of life and destruction
  • Psychic you will be able to expand the power of your mind, allowing you to cause damage with your mental powers and to weaken and control your enemies.
  • Healing this school is for you, if you wish to be the backbone of your party, healing and curing them
  • Ranger this school is an ancient one, reaching back to the first inhabitants of “Craft of Gods” world; you will be able to control nature and learn such skills as poison and invisibility
  • Long Range Attack you can increase your power and skills for long range attacks
  • Berserk do you want to destroy your enemies, without any thought to the damage you are taking? This school is perfect for you: attack and power are their idols.
  • Close Range Attack enhances your melee ability on a path to becoming a true warrior.
  • Defense do you like to be like a rock, against your opponents break their heads? This school has the most powerful skills for defense.�
  • Demonology you will control the dark side of creatures, gain the ability to summon demons and control them
  • Necromancy life is power but death is the ultimate power. You will able to control the undead and their powers.