Server Mode

Craft of Gods is the game of Free Choices. We wanted to bring the concept even further and we wondered ‘how could we give even more freedom of choice to our users?’. The answer was creating two servers and letting users choose the model they prefer. There are two models: pay to play server and free to play server.

Servers are quite the same (consult the servers differences), the only important thing that changes is the business model. In the pay to play server you need to buy the client and to subscribe a monthly fee. In the free to play server you can play for free but some contents are available only if you buy them using Kun, the premium currency of Craft of Gods.

You can buy Kun in the online shop or you can convert your client purchase or your subscription purchase in Kun. Also if you bought the box, you can still play on the free to play server: doing the registration process, when you redeem the box key, you can choose to activate it on the free to play server to receive the Kun.