If you wish to enhance your skills you can develop special talents. To do that, go to the Character window and click onĀ Talents.
You’ll see a list of talents you can choose from and by clicking the chosen talent a countdown will start after which you’ll acquire your talent. The higher the level of talent, the longer it takes to acquire it.


Here is the list of available talents:

Strong Physique Increases the character’s strength.
Sound Spirit Increases the character’s health.
Sharp Mind Increases the character’s energy.
Rapid Response Increases the character’s agility.
Master of Fire Increases effectiveness of Fire magic.
Master of Earth Increases effectiveness of Earth magic.
Master of Storm Increases effectiveness of Storm magic.
Master of Air Increases effectiveness of Air magic.
Master of Water Increases effectiveness of Water magic.
Master of Hypnosis Increases effectiveness of Psy magic.
Healer Increases effectiveness of healing abilities.
Master of Nature Increases effectiveness of ranger abilities.
Master Armorer Increases melee damage output.
Taut Bow Increases ranged damage output.
Demon Lord Increases effectiveness of demonologist abilities.
Dark Soul Increases effectiveness of necromancer abilities.
Hard as a Rock Increases effectiveness of the character’s equipment.
Diver Increases time the player can remain underwater.
Elementalist Increases critical hit probability with spells.
Surgical Blade Increases critical hit probability.
Sharpshooter Increases critical shot probability.
Wordmaster Reduces spellcasting time.
Keen Vision Increases attack range.
Wound Repair Increases health regeneration.
Meditation Increases energy regeneration.
Evasiveness Increases chance to evade an attack.
Aegis of Fire Increases resistance to Fire magic.
Aegis of Earth Increases resistance to Earth magic.
Aegis of Storm Increases resistance to Storm magic.
Aegis of Air Increases resistance to Air magic.
Aegis of Water Increases resistance to Water magic.
Mind Shield Increases resistance to Psy magic.
Essence of Light Increases resistance to Necromancy.
Aegis of Demonism Increases resistance to Demonology.
Poison Resistance Increases resistance to poison.